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June 25, 2007



I haven't read neither Wikinomics nor Growing Up Digital and perhaps I should, but I'll take my chances and post this question here instead (maybe I'll get a quicker answer). Here goes:

"...less motivated by money and more motivated by interest and having fun"...than whom? Than older folks? Or than under 25's ten or twenty years ago?


James Clifton

It's an interesting point, and I think it's all about definition of terms. We defined the 8% as those who regularly upload content such as videos, blogs, and reviews.

The creators described here would be a subset of this 8%, and most likely at the extreme end of our Uploader spectrum.

But, the 8% we identified would have been largely responsible for spreading and sharing the content and applications cited, and that's why they are important - they are the digital influencers.

Angus Clacher

Are 8% really providing content for the rest?

The consumers to creators the ratio is routinely 1,000's to one. For the most popular content the ratio is 1,000,000's to one.

Online mavens would seem to have far more reach x frequency than suggested. Here are some real world examples.

Facebook - Fortune Cookie application
Creators 2. Consumers = 4,160,459 users and climbing.

Youtube - lonelygirl15
Creators 6. Consumers = 53,018,966 views and climbing.

Best, Angus Clacher

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